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T r a n s c e n d   D e n t a l   L a b o r a t o r y 


Case Turnaround Time

With regard to scheduling cases, 

Transcend Dental Laboratory basically operates in the same manor as a dental office. 

The dental office can only accommodate so many patients in one day...

The same holds true for the low volume boutique style dental laboratory.

In an effort to give each case the care and attention to detail both you and your patients deserve,

it is requested that all cases be pre-scheduled.

Pre-scheduling not only guarantees the necessary time needed to complete your case in the promised timeframe, 

it also ensures zero competition for attention with other cases. 

 Please call in advance to schedule a return date prior to scheduling your patient's insert date. 

For Local Accounts:

If the schedule is open, the minimum number of in-lab working days = 12 business days, 

which means the case will be delivered on the 13th business day.

The day of pick-up is not a working day.

For Mail Accounts:

If the schedule is open, the minimum number of in-lab working days = 12 business days.

Please take into consideration shipping time to the lab as well as shipping time from the lab back to you, 

generally an additional 2-3 days each way for priority mail.  

Additional time will be required if the schedule is booked.....again, this ensures adequate time to properly complete your case without compromise!

Full arch, combination, more complicated, or highly cosmetic cases may require additional time. 

In-lab Working Time

In-lab working time represents the number of days required in the lab to complete a case. 

Please do not count prep-day, delivery/mail time, weekends or holidays as in-lab working time.

In the event of extreme weather, the need for additional time may be unavoidable.

Thank you for your understanding.

For more information or a current fee schedule please email Marta @


call 845-264-4132


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