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Communication Through Photography

While it is always preferred to see your patients in the lab for photographs and a custom shade mapping,  it is just not always practical or possible. When in-lab consultations are not an option, it becomes imperative that we rely on technological advances such as digital photography and e-mail, etc.  because

the written script is simply not enough. Communicating from a distance is only a problem when key elements to successfully do so are not set in place.


If you're able, please do take photographs.  Considering we are dealing with the subtle nuances of color that characterize the shade of each individual, the more information provided, the more vital and life-like the final outcome will be.


A macro lens is best.  Marta uses the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens and she is very happy with the results. Photographs are necessary tools in elevating a case to the next level, especially for anterior reconstruction.

Full Face Photographs

Full facial and full profile photographs are very useful for face-symmetry/asymmetry analysis, smile analysis and tooth display in both the rest position and full smile position.

Perception of Color

 Color influences perception. The color of paint on the walls, bib and scrubs will adversely effect the perception of the patient's shade, as will bright clothing the patient may be wearing and incorrect lighting within the room. Neutral colors are best, such as gray, blue-gray, light blue, etc. and it is best to cover any bright clothing the patient might be wearing.  Have the patient remove any lipstick as well.  When you take photos of the patient's mouth please have the chosen shade tabs in the frame of a close-up photo.

e-Mail photos to:

They will be will uploaded to a 32" color-correct monitor for analysis and referenced while the case is being constructed.

To further facilitate the communication of color using the GC shade tabs, Marta will offer advanced training in shade mapping for you and your staff.  She will train you to "think like a ceramist" when it comes to color analysis. This can happen in the lab, your office or via e-Mail.

Coordinating the Communication of Color

For all new dentist clients who are confident our formation as a team is promising, GC shade guides will be provided free of charge. The advantage of having the specific shade guides unique to the porcelain system being used in the lab is that we can better coordinate the communication of the subtle nuances of color unique to each individual.

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