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Lab Services

In-Lab Custom Shades

The Advantages:

  • When your patients come to the lab, we have the luxury of time on our side. We can spend as much time as we need in a relaxed environment without the pressure of time constraints......and you are relieved of the task to use your time in a more productive manor.
  • Meeting with your patients provides the opportunity to see their facial expressions and experience their personality. It also provides the opportunity for highly individualized characterization based on the fundamental concept of aesthetic integration.  We need to see the patient's face for the comparison of commissural axis and the occlusal axis to the bipupillary axis......all important components of symmetry and valuable information for understanding each individual's asymmetry. 
  • When the patient comes to the lab for a custom shade, the shade is taken using the guides unique to the particular porcelain system being used in the lab to fabricate the case. The classical Vita guide is limited in that it does not offer the precise nuances of all the colors found in human dentition that comprise the uniqueness of every individual. The more subtleties incorporated into  form  =  greater compatibility in the mouth.
  • Many dental offices have color schemes that are not conducive to the accurate perception of color. Color influences perception. The quality of light also influences the perception of color. Transcend is intentionally neutral in scheme and shades are taken under controlled lighting conditions.

Shade Arrangements:

Have the patient contact Marta to set up two meetings. One for a thorough custom shade mapping with photographs, and a second return appointment for the patient to view the case and approve the aesthetics prior to completion.  This is the best way to avoid disappointment at the time of insert should changes need to be made. It saves you time and energy!  Most patients are very receptive to this service and appreciate of the time and attention spent in their best interest....and Marta is very happy to extend herself.

Case Progression Photo's

Case progression photos keep you updated on case

design and allow for your feedback prior to case


Portraiture Photos

Transcend is now equipped to offer portraiture photos. A space in the lab is reserved exclusively for this service. Not only are portraiture photos fun, they present an opportunity to learn and to build a professional clinical portfolio.

Marta uses a Canon EOS 60D with a Canon 100mm Macro EF equipped with the Dual Macro Twin Lite MT-24.  This service is provided at no charge.

In Office Custom Shades

Although in-lab custom shades are encouraged, in-office custom shades are offered for local clients whose patients are not able to come to the lab. It is requested that you reserve sufficient time for a comprehensive documentation, including photographs, about 20-30 minutes.

For clients who are not local but within a reasonable driving distance, in-office custom shades are offered for a nominal fee.

Advanced Training in Custom Shade Mapping

 For You and Your Staff

In an effort to help you effectively communicate the subtle details and nuances of color, your office will be provided with shade guides unique to the GC Initial porcelain system, which include individual tabs of each color in the system. This will allow for highly characterized results unique for each patient. The service is free of charge and is highly recommended. Marta will work with you and your staff to "think like a ceramist" and provide advanced custom shade training.

It can be conducted in the lab or in your office, and for clients beyond a reasonable driving distance via e-mail.

Consultations and

In-Office Support

It's nice to have a little extra support for complex or highly cosmetic cases. Should the need arise, Marta will be available to assist you in your office on such an occasion. Please call in advance to make arrangements.

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