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Moving Forward Post COVID-19

As we turn our sights toward returning to business it is impossible to ignore how COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, both personally and professionally, some of us more than others... and it becomes a time to reflect on how transformative this experience has been and will continue to be for a long while.

COVID-19 has caused so much sorrow in the world, and yet we have witnessed many selfless acts of kindness and compassion from people who are able to make a difference, regardless of how small the contribution.  It's very heartwarming and inspiring!

We have been very fortunate throughout this experience and in gratitude, would like to give something back as well. When thinking of returning to work it becomes clear that it should not be business as usual...and so Transcend has decided to offer reduced fees for both existing and new clients while continuing to provide artistic, functional and well-fitting restorations that contribute to your patients overall health and well being.

We would also like to work with you should you have a patient in need of a little more consideration due to the financial impact of COVID-19. 

Until then, be well and stay safe!

Sincerely, Marta Lizza

Returning to work

  • Fee reductions will be offered to assist in recovery.
  • Special consideration for patients in need.
  • As a temporary measure, in-lab custom shades only.
  • Lets keep each other safe! Cases being sent to the lab must be sterilized & verified by the dental office prior to being released. Cases returned to your office will be disinfected and verified prior to being released.
  • The Lab Has Been Thoroughly Cleaned and Sterilized For You and Your Patient's Safety!

For new clients it is requested that your first case be relatively uncomplicated while we get to know each other's working style.  Thank you!

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