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A b o u t    Y o u r   La b  T e c h n i c i a n 

          Marta Lizza


I love what I do and I want you to love it too! Your satisfaction is very important to me. I will always strive to make both you and your patients happy with the work you receive as well as the personalized attention and services I have to offer. This is my promise to you-

Marta Lizza

Marta was introduced to the field of dental technology by serving an apprenticeship at a local laboratory in Rockland County, NY.   With a background in art and an interest in science, she recognized the unique blend of the two and fell in love with the field.   She went on to work in-house with a prominent Prosthodontist in Westchester, NY, who facilitated her growth by introducing her to the fundamentals of high-end  ceramics via exposure to laboratories within the tri-state area who not only produced beautiful  aesthetic casework but who also placed extraordinary emphasis on fit and marginal integrity resulting in  long term success of their cases.    With his lead they opened a fully functional in-house laboratory providing their patients with beautiful, well fitting   restorations.

In pursuit of additional life experience,  Marta relocated to Southern California and furthered her study with talented technicians from the US, France and Germany.  She has worked for small laboratories as well as larger laboratories,  ultimately choosing to own and operate her own laboratory offering  artistic,  individualized prosthetics with an emphasis on excellent  fit and marginal integrity  integral to the long term health and wellness of the patients she serves.

Marta is currently located in Brewster, NY and her professional focus is on personalized service,

low volume - high quality casework implementing the skills and knowledge amassed over a lifetime.


In 2014 Marta was honored as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry and in 2015 she was invited to join GC America as the first female KOL Keynote Speaker in the United States. She was also invited to be a member of the original top 100 dental technicians in the elite international group of the DG.


                                             Javits Center NYC 2014

A demonstration on ceramic layering while fabricating a fully rooted all-ceramic molar using GC Feldspathic Porcelain.

                                   NYC College of Technology, 2018

By request of Renata Budny, Chair & Associate Professor at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, NYC College of Technology, Marta demonstrates full contour wax-ups in the aesthetic zone.

                                                                       The one and only Renata!
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