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W e l c o m e  t o  T r a n s c e n d  D e n t a l  L a b o r a t o r y

Specializing in Pressable All-Ceramic and Cosmetic Restorations Made by Hand,

Offering Remote Wax and Ceramic Services to Dental Laboratories


F i t , F o r m  &  F u n c t i o n  Y o u  C a n   C o u n t   O n !


A b o u t   T r a n s c e n d

Transcend is a low volume, highly personalized laboratory providing artistic, functional and well fitting restorations you can be proud to put your name on. Owned and operated by Marta Lizza, a seasoned technician with over 37 years experience, Transcend is well qualified to meet if not exceed your expectations. Your patient's satisfaction is priority, as is their overall health and wellness. Marta will work closely with you, your staff and your patients to provide not only aesthetically pleasing results, but properly contoured restorations with well fitting substructures that will contribute to your patient's long term health and well being.  All work is fabricated in-house by Marta, expressly for you!


W h a t  Y o u  C a n  E x p e c t


Consistency in Fit



An advantage of working with a private laboratory is consistency. Your cases pass through only one set of hands, Marta's, and in the right hands that's a good thing! She is cross trained and skilled in every phase of crown & bridge and is well studied in the fundamentals of anatomy, morphology & functional occlusion. As both a ceramist and a waxer, your substructures are designed through the eyes of a ceramist who inherently has a better understanding conceptually of the end result. With an eye for detail and an admirable work ethic, Marta will deliver a level of excellence most larger laboratories simply cannot.

Superior Fit


Marginal Integrity

Microscopes are used extensively for all critical phases of fabrication, including trimming dies, sealing margins in wax, seating cast or pressed copings, finishing margins regardless of material, porcelain application for porcelain butt margins and final polishing.

Using a microscope in this manor is tedious and time consuming but well worth the effort because the difference will  be evident in both fit and marginal        integrity,  reduced  chair-side adjustments  for you, and a healthier product for your patient!


Excellent Communication




When you call the lab you speak directly with Marta. There are no departments to go through and your questions and concerns are immediately addressed.

When your impressions arrive in the lab they are immediately inspected, and once poured, are analyzed prior to moving on to the next phase. If there are any potential issues you are contacted as soon as possible so you have the opportunity to advise how you wish to proceed. Transcends doors are always open to you, your staff and your patients.  Every effort will be made to make your patients feel as if they are our only priority...because they are!


Open Margins, Bacteria

& Our Patient's Health

Functional health professionals are discussing the role oral health plays in total body wellness. The body is one inter-connected system and the mouth is the first port of entry into that system! It's all about the microbiome and a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria.   When out of balance due to excessive bacteria from periodontal disease, decay, leaky margins, etc. there is dysbiosis and dangerous oral microbes can leak into the alimentary canal and enter the blood stream.  Dysbiosis in the microbiome of the body is now being linked to diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and more!  Marginal integrity matters...

Why Lithium Disilicate Over Zirconia

I have chosen lithium disilicate over milled zirconia because it affords me greater control over fit and marginal integrity! Both the monolithic crown and layered substructures are designed in wax, invested and then pressed. I have complete control over fit and marginal integrity, which makes me happy because I can still use microscopes for marginating!

Strength combined with excellent vitality and aesthetics! The system of choice is GC LiSi Press and GC Initial LiSi veneering porcelain. The GC LiSi Press has a bi-axial flexural strength of >500MP and the system together has a perfectly matched coefficient of thermal expansion which is a necessary component for strength when veneering the pressed substructure.

Working with lithium disilicate allows me to honor my commitment to fabricating all work in-house, by me, expressly for you!

Transcend Dental Laboratory

Brewster (Southeast) NY


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